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What I Do

SEO Consulting

Analyzes the work done by SEO agencies, verifies the impact on results, recommends changes in strategy. Asks uncomfortable questions.
My goal is to improve the visibility of your site.

Working in the industry for years, I have seen many campaigns run without a plan, without an idea and without a chance to produce good results. I don't focus on what's missing, just what we need to do to make your strategy finally work!

SEO Agency Audit

SEO Agency Audit is the answer to all doubts about cooperation between a company and ...

Selecting an seo company

We are helping with selecting you a best SEO option for you. Nope. We won’t ...

SEO Strategy Monitoring

The best SEO strategy for your SEO has to be suited for you. I monitor ...

Web Development

We provide complex Web Development services starts with: building websites, maintaincing them or implementating SEO ...

Technical Audit

I analyse every single page on your website for lots of problems, but also I ...

SEO Curses

Since 2019 we trained over 20 people from any business branch to SEO specialist only ...
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My mission

Improve results of SEO Campaigns based on plan and high quality work

Talking about mistakes is tought and uncomfortable for everyone but it's also necessary to prepare the best possible strategy for your business.
  • SEO Strategy based on Date Driven - data, tools, competitors and experience.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness and quantity of activities compared to the results achieved.
  • Usage of the best available and modern tools based on AI.
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Some Faq’s
  • Are you another SEO agency?
    Nope. We don’t offer SEO services. There are so many great specialists on the market. We decided to help you to find them, not to compete with them.
  • What different with your audit?
    We know, that most of SEO Agencies offer free SEO audit, but there are a few key differences. Firstly, we are not sales people, we are experienced SEO specialists. Secondly, we want you to keep going with the agency your already work with. ...
  • How the cooperation looks like?
    There are three main steps we provide: Brief with client (via mail, phone or web form), gaining access to GA and GSC. Analysis on our behalf. Discuss the results with client. We always prepare a document with results, but we also want to ...
  • How long you prepare an audit?
    It’s up to 2 weeks but usually it’s done in 2-3 days after we collect all necessaries. We declare deadlines when we got brief and accesses.
  • Are you offer SEO services?
    Yes and No. Yes – we do SEO services for your client. We do it only to stay up to date with Google requirements. No – we don’t looking for more SEO clients.
  • How the contract looks like?
    Every service is available as one time service. If you choose that option, the contract describe what we will do for you, when and price. If you decided to long term cooperation, the contract is for an indefinite period with 1 month’s notice.
Trust basen on results

Check out your SEO Agency and make sure, they do best work as possible for your marketing.

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